Meet the Team

Milly Shah, MD

Internal Medicine

“The patient-doctor relationship is a partnership, first and foremost. Listening to the patient’s concerns is the most important step to achieve that end.”

Sunanda Sindhwani, MD

Internal Medicine

“I am a strong believer in pre-emptive medicine and not reactive medicine though the latter does have its value. Looking for risk factors before they become diseases is a very important part of my practice. Spending the time and effort in risk stratifying the patient goes a long way in disease prevention. I provide appropriate, compassionate, and timely medical care.”

Fred Taweel, MD

Internal Medicine

“Prevention and wellness comes from within each of us. I focus on promoting healthy lifestyle changes, as well as detecting and treating health issues early, in order to preserve wellness.”

John Valenti, MD

Internal Medicine

“Caring for patients as a physician is a lifelong learning process. Each encounter brings its own special challenges and joys. And I often find myself learning as much from listening to patients as I do reading a textbook or journal.”

Salil Malhotra, NP

Nurse Practitioner

“Patients are multi-faceted. Therefore, their treatments must be multi-faceted. Given my background I try to look at all angles of what’s going on with the patient and enjoy recommending both traditional and complementary methods of treatment to help patients recover quickly and safely.”